Welcome to the Herzog Global Video Gift Package for Prizmah Delegates.

1. Practical Pedagogy Videos

Innovation and Technology in Support of Classroom Teaching with Rabbi Daniel Wolf

Leading Meaningful and Thought-Provoking Class Discussions in Tanakh Classes with Dr. Ilana Turetsky

2. On-Location Videos for Classroom Context

Shimshon & the Philistines with Dr. Yael Ziegler & Shulie Mishkin

Hezekiah and Isaiah: Saving Jerusalem from the Assyrians with Dr. Yael Ziegler & Shulie Mishkin

Dotan and the Story of the Sale of Joseph (in Hebrew with English subtitles)

On Location in Beer Sheva with Rabbi Alan Haber

Connecting with our Jewish Roots in Hevron with Rabbi Alan Haber

On Location: Mount Gilboa and Emek Yizrael with Rabbi Alan Haber

King Shaul’s Final Battle, with Rabbi Alan Haber

Gideon’s Battle Against the Midianites with Rabbi Alan Haber

King Ahab (Ahav) and the Prophet Elijah (Eliyahu) with Rabbi Alan Haber

3. Tanakh Lectures for Inspiration

Sodom & Jerusalem with Rabbi Alex Israel

The Akedah, the Exodus and a Pre-Rabbinic Midrash with Rabbi Dr. Stu Halperin

How Awesome Is This Place! Where Jacob Became Awestruck – Rabbi Dr. Shalom Berger

Floods and Fertility: Contextualizing Bereishit 1-11 with Prof. Shalom E. Holtz

Yissachar and Zevulun: Business OR Torah? with Michael Eisenberg

Shemot – Acquiring Knowledge of God with Dr. Yael Ziegler

Bamidbar: The Story of Two Generations with Dr. Yael Ziegler

Yehoshua, Yechezkel & Our Idolatrous Forefathers with Atara Snowbell

Yiftah and Shemuel: The Power of Speech with Dr. Yael Ziegler

A Crash Course on Sefer Yirmiyahu with Rabbi Menachem Leibtag

A Man, his Father and a Maiden: Amos’ Oracle Against Israel with Rav Yitzchak Etshalom

Weather and Environment in Shir HaShirim with Rabbi Moshe Taragin

The Spiritual Rehabilitation of Bat Zion in Eichah 1 with Rabbi Dr. Joshua Berman

Ruth and the Art of Storytelling with Dr. Yael Ziegler

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