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Tanakh Teaching Certificate

Herzog Global is excited to announce the launch of a new Tanakh Teaching Certificate for Judaic Studies teachers around the world. This exciting new Masters-level line-up of academic courses will focus on Teaching Tanakh in the Diaspora classroom, and equipping teachers with advanced knowledge and practical skills.

Online classes will be given in English, starting in October 2022. After one academic year, Certificate Course participants who have earned 5 credits will receive a Tanakh Teaching Certificate from Herzog College. Judaic Studies teachers participating in the Certificate Course will have the cost subsidized by Herzog-UnitED. 

Rimonim International Teacher Training Program 

Herzog Global’s flagship program for Judaic Studies teachers comprises a two-year course of online study, classroom mentoring, and an experiential summer seminar in Israel. Graduates receive a Teaching Certificate for Diaspora Educators in conjunction with the Israeli Ministry of Education. Many of our courses qualify for credits that are recognized in Israel and at some U.S. universities.

This highly subsidized program is currently being offered in Spanish and English. Academic level coursework includes Bible and Talmud Studies, Jewish History, techno-pedagogy, and 21st Century Educational Challenges. Teachers can sign up for individual online courses that take place on Sundays, combining synchronous workshops and asynchronous units for self-study.

Herzog Global brings together leading educators with extensive experience in specific subjects to teach our online professional development courses.