Webinars for Jewish Schools

Webinars for Jewish Schools

Herzog Global provides professional development opportunities for Judaic Studies teachers and Jewish school principals and administrators in Israel and throughout the Jewish world. We invest in the most comprehensive education possible to empower these teachers, because our future generations are in their hands.

​Herzog Global is offering a rich menu of live webinars for Judaic Studies teachers and Jewish Schools. Schools can book Zoom sessions with top Herzog educators for their entire staff, on a wide range of practical topics.

As you plan your professional development in-service days for Fall 2022,  our lineup of experienced educators will inspire your Judaic studies teachers with new skills and insights.

The following LIVE Webinars are available for schools to book for $150 each:

  1. Teaching Toward Meaning: Gearing your Limudei Kodesh Lessons towards your Students’ Spiritual and Psychological Needs with  Mali Brofsky
  2. Getting Perspective: Helping Students See the Biblical Big Picture with Dr. Yosefa Wruble
  3. Characterizing the Unreachable? Teaching Biblical Characters with Dr. Yosefa Wruble
  4. Torat Eretz Yisrael: Teaching with Insights Gained on Location in Israel with Rabbi Alan Haber
  5. Visual Learning and Visual Teaching in the Chumash Classroom https://global.herzog.ac.il/product/visual-learning/with Ellie Gelman
  6. Using Graphic Organizers to Teach Torah with Ellie Gelman
  7. Integrating Executive Functioning Tools into the Curriculum with Dena Lerman
  8. Digital Tools in the Judaic Studies Classroom with Rabbi Reuven Spolter
  9. Did that Really Happen? Literal and Allegorical Readings of Biblical Narrative with Rivka Kahan
  10. From Alienation to Monarchy in the Era of the Judges: A Study in Linguistic Comparisons with Dr. Yael Ziegler
  11. Using Midrash in the Classroom with Simi Peters
  12. Techniques for Teaching in Gemara and Halachah with Rabbi Dr. Yossef Slotnick
  13. Building Emotional Health in the Limudei Kodesh Classroom with Rivka Kahan

These webinars are offered in partnership with and subsidized by Herzog-UnitED. Please use this form to request the webinars you choose and we will contact you to schedule them.

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