Teaching Tanakh Through Technology

Digital resources for today’s Judaic Studies classroom

Herzog Global is the premier provider of online tools and resources for Jewish educators and their students. For the past 10 years, Herzog College has developed cutting-edge ed-tech tools, working with pedagogy experts from Israel and around the world, to bring Chumash and Navi to life and make it messages more relevant to today’s students.

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“The Google of the Bible” where Biblical texts come alive with coded maps and multi-media tools for hands-on interactive study and exploration


Da’at is the internet’s most comprehensive Hebrew resource for Judaism and education, with half a million visitors per month.

Tanakh learning apps

Herzog has created a series of gamified Tanakh learning apps in Hebrew, Spanish, and English, for middle school children.

Lev La’Da’at

Lev La’Da’at is a joint venture between Herzog College and the Israeli Education Ministry, helping teachers to plan more meaningful and relevant lessons for their students. Currently these resources are only available in Hebrew.


Herzog College’s YouTube Channel includes hundreds of video lectures by distinguished lecturers on a wide variety of Tanakh topics, including past lectures from the annual Yemei Iyun B’Tanakh.


Herzog Global’s YouTube Channel contains “On Location” videos from around Israel exploring different Tanakh themes, plus other useful video resources for Judaic Studies teachers.