About Herzog Global

Herzog Global is the international department of Herzog College in Israel.

Herzog College is the world’s leading Jewish teacher training college, with 3,500 students enrolled in their education courses and degree programs on four campuses in Jerusalem & Gush Etzion.

At Herzog Global, our goal is to provide Jewish Studies teachers around the world with the best training and resources, including websites, apps and online tools in Hebrew, English and Spanish, to promote Jewish values and encourage in-depth understanding of the Tanakh.

Rabbi Ariel Erani

Support for Jewish schools and teachers

Herzog Global supports Jewish schools and teachers by providing innovative and inspiring courses on many aspects of Judaic Studies teaching.

Our online professional development courses include asynchronous recorded content and live online workshops by leading educators, scheduled on Sundays for the convenience of educators around the world.

Our courses are recognized for academic credit by Israel’s Council for Higher Education and qualify for funding through the UnitED program.

Programs in Development


Gamified apps for learning Chumash and Navi in English


Professional Development Seminars for Judaic Studies Teachers


Customized Teacher Training Events for Schools & Communities

HaTanakh.com website