Tanakh Teaching Certificate Program

Our exciting Masters-level program of academic courses is now in its second year. It equips teachers with advanced knowledge and practical skills that focus on Teaching Tanakh in the Diaspora classroom. Program participants who earn 15 credits can receive a Tanakh Teaching Certificate from Herzog College.

Academic Courses

Students can choose from a menu of asynchronous online courses comprising materials for self-study with questions and discussions, plus a weekly assignment for you to complete, but no tests. 

Thanks to a generous subsidy for teachers from UnitED, the total fee payable for each full course is just $75 and $40 for each mini course.

Full Courses

Each full course requires 1.5 hours of study per week over 12 weeks and earns 3 academic credits. Each course requires attendance at two Zoom lessons, scheduled for Sundays at 8:00pm Israel time.

Mini Courses

Each mini course runs for 6 weeks and earns 1.5 academic credits. There are no Zoom lessons.

Click on each course image for further details and to register to join. If you have any questions, we invite you to send them to herzogolami@herzog.ac.il 

Tanakh Teaching Certificate

Gavriella Steinman from Sydney, Australia, was one of the first five teachers to receive her Tanakh Teaching Certificate in July 2023, from Herzog College President Rabbi Dr. Yehuda Brandes.

Current Courses

Rabbi Alan Haber

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Past Courses

Yael Ziegler on Shemot
David Saltzman course
Rivka Kahan Parshanut
Rav Solomon on Rav Sacks
Yosefa Wruble Our Story
Yosefa Wruble Shofetim
Yosefa Wruble Shofetim
Daniel Wolf on Herzog Tanakh
Eli Kohn Tanakh Issues

This program is run in partnership with and subsidized by Herzog-UnitED.

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