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Become a more effective Jewish Studies teacher!

Limmudei Kodesh teachers often enter the classroom knowing what they want to teach, as experts in the material they bring to the classroom. But, years of study in Yeshiva or Seminary does not equip most  teachers with the modern pedagogy skills and techniques.

How do you teach students who are distracted or indifferent? How do we motivate children to want to learn? How can a teacher tailor their lessons to suit their students’ unique learning styles and abilities?

Pedagogy experts from Herzog College have created dynamic skills courses for Limmudei Kodesh and Judaic Studies teachers. Whether you are teaching Mishnah, Gemara, Halachah or Chumash, these online courses will help you prepare and teach your classes to engage every student.

Our online courses are asynchronous, so you can study the material in your own time and at your own pace. Each course lasts 12 weeks and there are usually two live Zoom workshops with the instructor (scheduled on Sundays). Each teacher education course is subsidized and costs 590 NIS for the entire 12-week course.

Fall 2024 Pedagogy Courses

David Saltzman course
Intrinsic Motivation in the Kodesh Classroom
Purposeful Pedagogy

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Looking Ahead: 2025 Pedagogy Courses

Pedagogy in the Kodesh Classroom

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