Our Educators

Herzog Global works with leading educators to create innovative and inspiring courses on many aspects of Jewish Studies education.

Our courses include asynchronous recorded content and live online workshops, scheduled on Sundays for the convenience of educators around the world. These courses are recognized for academic credit by Israel’s Council for Higher Education.

Dr. Yosefa Fogel Wrubel
Dr. Yosefa Fogel Wrubel

Dr. Avraham Roos

Pedagogy in the Kodesh Classroom 

Sarah Golubtchik

Sarah Golubtchik

Writing Courses for “Tanakh is Our Story

Rabbi Johnny Solomon

Ora Rivka Weingort

Wisdom of Time: Jewish Thought and the annual cycle of the Jewish Year 

Rabbi David Saltzman

Rabbi David Saltzman Ed.D. 

Creating a Student-Centered Judaic Studies Classroom

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