Differentiating Instruction in the Jewish Studies Classroom

Strategies for J.S. teachers to improve learning outcomes for diverse groups of students.
Differentiating Instruction in the Jewish Studies Classroom

About the Course

As teachers, we want to be able to “teach our students” and not just “teach the content”, in order to engage them and maximize their success. We also want to hone our skill set in order to meet the diversity of learners in our classrooms, whether they need additional support or enrichment.

We all know that every class is composed of a range of students, regardless of whether it is tracked by skill level. Differentiating Instruction (DI) is an effective and manageable method for improving learning outcomes for everyone

Join this course and you will be guided to think more flexibly about your Jewish Studies lessons and the multiple ways they can be developed. We will give you a toolbox of strategies geared towards the age group that you teach. You will create a user-friendly framework for thinking about differentiated teaching based on varied skill levels, learning profiles and interests, and we will explore its application to the texts and concepts that are taught in Judaic Studies classrooms. Through this course you will come away with new skills and concrete ideas about how you can enhance your units of study by using a DI approach, and create an atmosphere of robust and meaningful learning for all students.

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UPDATE: Due to popular demand, the February 2024 course is now closed to new registrations.

About the Instructor

Tamar Appel is the Director of Education for Hidden Sparks and facilitator of their “Learning Lenses” and “Differentiated Instruction” courses. She was Associate Principal of Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls in Teaneck, NJ, having served there as a teacher and administrator for a combined 18 years. As an educational leader, she created a culture of ongoing professional development, supportive and productive mentorship of faculty, and academic excellence. She has also served as a mentor for school leaders through Prizmah’s “YOU Lead” program, and for new teachers through the “Jewish New Teacher Project”. Tamar has pursued her own professional growth through programs including the Summer Institute for Principals at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Course features

Audience : Limmudei Kodesh Teachers Grades 4-12
Course Structure : 10 self-guided lessons & 2 Zoom meetings
Language : English
Accreditation : 3 course credits
Course fee : $75
Start Date: Sun, February 25, 2024

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