Darkei Avot

Darkei Avot – Engaging Resources for Learning Pirkei Avot

How can we enrich our classroom experience with moral and ethical principles and valuable tips for life, all through fun and active learning?

We offer you “Darkei Avot,” a new Pirkei Avot teaching resource, designed to enrich your classroom experience. It is suitable for grades 2-6, helping students to become familiar with the Hebrew text of the Mishnah, as well as discussing practical messages for living a meaningful life.

Darkei Avot includes 15 moral and ethical sayings from Pirkei Avot.

Each saying is explained with a:

  • Colorful poster to display in your classroom
  • Video to help memorize the Hebrew text
  • Teacher resource sheet with ideas for activities and discussion topics
  • Student worksheet with short and interesting activities

These materials have been developed by pedagogy experts from Herzog College together with UnitED.

The Darkei Avot resources are divided into four groups by topics:

  1. Moral and Ethical Principles
  2. Relationships between Students and Teachers
  3. Relationships between Friends
  4. Behavior and Lifestyle Principles

Group 1: Moral and Ethical Principles

You can download the materials explaining the first four sayings here: