Tanakh Is Our Story

Tanakh Is Our Story


Do your students view the Tanakh as a story that they can identify with? Are you interested in making Tanakh lessons more relevant to your students’ Jewish identity?

This dynamic curriculum, created by Herzog Global and UnitED, is designed to introduce Middle School students in Jewish schools around the world to concepts of Jewish identity through familiarity with our national story. It offers a unique active learning approach to teaching the Tanakh, by connecting to the foundations and heritage of the Jewish Nation.

“If we want our children and our society to be moral, we need a collective story that tells us where we came from and what our task is in the world.”
Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks zt”l,
Covenant & Conversation, Parshat Bo

 The Exodus from Egypt
– the Rise of a New Nation

This program uses cutting-edge pedagogical techniques around storytelling to bring the Exodus story to life for students in Grades 5 – 9, and it can be easily adapted for younger and older students.

The website includes six Stories based on the Exodus journey, each containing several Units on different topics, with multiple activities and student worksheets for different ages and abilities.

    We invite you to explore the website and download the materials covering the first 16 chapters of Sefer Shemot, with stimulating ideas that all Judaic Studies teachers can use when teaching Shemot or preparing students for Pesach.

    Explanatory Workshops

    Active Learning of the Pesach Story

    There is so much great material to choose from! We invite you register below for two asynchronous Explanatory Workshops: “Active Learning of the Pesach Story” to explore this amazing curriculum!


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