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Looking for tools to help your teachers make their Tanakh classes more interactive and impactful?

Register for professional development courses and workshops for your Jewish Studies teachers, to help them bring meaning and relevance to their lessons.

Option 1: Guided Curriculum

Individual Basic Curriculum: Free!

  • Tanakh Is Our Story curriculum – available online and free to use right now!
  • One introductory Zoom Meeting to learn how to use the curriculum
  • Two self-guided Online Workshops to explore the material in greater depth.

Click here to access the curriculum, and register below to book your FREE Zoom Meeting and select access codes for your Online Workshops:

Tanakh Is Our Story
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    Option 2: Proficiency Level Training

    Advanced School Curriculum: $350* per school

    Four coordinated Zoom meetings to customize the curriculum for your school and staff.

    • Learn about the Tanakh Is Our Story curriculum in depth
    • Create a customized teaching plan for your school
    • Learn to integrate active learning and teaching practices into your Chumash and Navi lessons
    • Apply Herzog College’s unique Tanakh teaching tools and practices in the classroom

    * Additional meetings: $75 / meeting

    Option 2 Registration Form

    Option 3: Mastery Level Course

    School Pedagogy Training: $4,000 / course for up to 30 teachers**

    Full Online Asynchronous Course: “Meaning-Making in the Teaching of Tanakh”

    Bring a full 11-unit online asynchronous course to the Jewish Studies teachers at your school, exploring the methodology and pedagogy behind great teaching practice. Your staff will learn how to create meaningful and engaging lessons, and build connection and Jewish identity among the students in their Tanakh lessons.

    Teachers who complete this course receive a Certificate from Herzog College.

    ** This course can be offered to the combined staffs of several schools.


    Option 3 Registration Form

    If you have any questions about these Pedagogy Courses for schools, please contact 

    Individual teachers are also invited to explore our online Pedagogy coursesClick here for details!

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