Kitah Digital Courses

Kitah Digital Courses

Digital Resources for Middle School Students (Grades 5-8)

Enrich your students’ skills and knowledge in Torah, Navi, Mishnah and Gemara.

Kitah’s Khan Academy-style digital courses are designed to familiarize students with texts before discussing them in class. We break up each chapter of Torah, Navi, Mishnah or Gemara into digestible chunks, using accessible English videos that explain the Hebrew texts, online questions to evaluate student comprehension, and downloadable source sheets.

Kitah Tanakh Course

Kitah combines Google Forms with YouTube instructional videos to teach class material and monitor student progress. Teachers can assign Kitah lessons through their regular Google Classroom, customize the online workbooks to suit their class level, and see each student’s participation and scores at a glance.

By walking the students through the texts and checking their comprehension, Kitah’s digital courses take the tedium out of teaching, and prepare students to participate in meaningful classroom discussions.

Herzog Global in partnership with Kitah is offering the following 7 courses for $500 each per school, licensed for unlimited users for one year. We also offer a free one-hour training session to explain how the Kitah system works.

For more information about each of our Kitah digital courses, click on the icons below. You can purchase them online or complete the inquiry form below.

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