Method & Meaning – Herzog-Style Tanakh

How do Herzog College lecturers teach Tanakh? Through analyzing sections of Tanakh Herzog-style, we will learn how Jewish Studies teachers can apply these exciting methods in their classrooms. This course is mandatory for the Tanakh Teaching Certificate.

About the course

Herzog Style TanakhHerzog College lecturers, such as Rabbi Yoel Bin Nun, HaRav Yaakov Medan, Professor Jonathan Grossman, Professor Yael Ziegler and Rav Menachem Leibtag, are known around the world for their unique approach to the study of Tanakh. In this course, we will unpack how and why these and other Herzog teachers do what they do. Through analyzing sections of Tanakh, we will zoom out to study their methodology, and learn how Jewish Studies teachers can apply these methods in their classrooms.    

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About the Instructor

Rabbi Daniel Wolf is a veteran educator, manager, and programmer with more than two decades of experience exploring and testing the interaction between technology and education. He studied at Yeshivat Har Etzion and Herzog Teachers College, and holds a Masters in Jewish Thought from the Siegal College of Jewish Studies, and an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Yeshiva University. Daniel spent seven years as a teacher and department chair at Fuchs Mizrachi School in Cleveland, where he developed Tanakh curricular materials for high school. He later served as an instructor and teaching coach in the Pardes Educators Program in Jerusalem. As an educator, Daniel pursued the use of technology as a pedagogic tool, particularly to facilitate textual analysis. He currently works as the Director of Account Management at Five Blocks, a digital reputation management company, where he leverages educational theory and practice to complement and enhance business practices such as performance evaluation and training.

COURSE features

Audience : All teachers
Course Structure : 10 self-guided lessons & 2 Zoom meetings
Language : English
Course fee : 490 NIS + 100 NIS Registration Fee