Creating a Student-Centered Judaic Studies Classroom

Learn how to plan and implement lessons using student-centered strategies.
Creating a Student-Centered Judaic Studies Classroom

About the Course

Who is at the center of your teaching: you - the teacher, or your students? When you enter the classroom, do you focus on what you’re planning to teach, or what your students are going to learn? (They’re not the same.) By shifting our focus, we can transform our classroom and ensure that all of our students are on a successful learning journey.

Teachers in this course will learn the purpose and benefits of a student-centered learning approach and how to plan and implement lessons using student-centered strategies. Teachers will learn techniques to shift the responsibility of work from the teacher and empower students. Teachers will become facilitators of learning while students navigate their learning journey. This will occur by learning and implementing the four principles of student-centered learning: student voice and choice, competency-based progression, and continuous monitoring of student needs. These four ideas will be embedded into the topics learned each week.

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This course can be taken as part of the Herzog College Master's Degree in Teaching Tanakh & Parshanut. Click here for details.


About the Instructor

David Saltzman, Ed.D, is an experienced educator with more than 27 years of work in Jewish Day Schools. He spent 12 years teaching before serving as the Lower School Principal at Maimonides School in Brookline, MA for another 12 years. Currently, he works at the Yeshivah of Flatbush as the Lower School General Studies Principal and the Director of Teaching and Learning. Rabbi Saltzman is a firm believer in developing student-centered classrooms. He has coached teachers and administrators to support this approach.

Course features

Audience : Limmudei Kodesh Teachers
Course Structure : 10 self-guided lessons & 2 Zoom meetings
Language : English
Accreditation : 3 course credits
Course fee : 490 NIS + 100 NIS Registration Fee
Start Date: Sun, November 3, 2024

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