MiDor L’Dor Parshah Email Package

During the COVID pandemic, Herzog College created the MiDor L’Dor Parshat HaShavua Grandparents Chat program to encourage adults to learn together with their children or grandchildren. We discovered that teachers and community rabbis were also using our parsha sheets to inspire conversations with children about the weekly Parshah.

Herzog Global is now offering subscriptions to our weekly Parshah sheets for schools. You can co-brand the sheets with your school logo and send them out via email to your parent body. The Moriah School in Englewood, New Jersey, is already sharing our Parshah sheets with their families.

Each weekly source sheet developed by educational experts around the weekly Torah reading, with questions and discussion points for children of different ages. It is designed to engage children in grades 2 – 5, but it can be used for conversations with the whole family. The idea is to not only learn new ideas from the Parshah, but also to open up opportunities for conversations between the generations about real-life experiences and relevant issues. For example, the source sheet for Parshat Yitro about the Ten Commandments includes questions about the rules that families make today, and the different rules that grandparents grew up with back in the day. Kids are encouraged to think about why families and societies need rules, and how life has changed since their grandparents were young.

We received very positive feedback from grandparents all over the world, who said they enjoy discussing the texts and the topics with their grandchildren. One grandmother wrote: “I think it is a wonderful tool. Lovely ideas for conversation, and not just burping out answers – there was some good thinking happening!”

To find out about subscribing to the MiDor L’Dor Parshat HaShavua Parshah sheets for your school, please contact rspolter@herzog.ac.il

Family Parsha Sheets

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