Building Future Partnerships in North America

In November 2021, Herzog Global Director Rabbi Ariel Erani visited 15 schools in New York, New Jersey and Toronto to introduce Herzog Global, and to discuss future partnerships.

He attended the World Zionist Organization conference for Israeli educators working in North American schools in November. He met couples who teach Ivrit and Judaic Studies, and taught two workshops on the use of the website. The teachers were particularly impressed by the maps on the website that bring the Biblical stories and characters to life, using Google Maps technology to overlay the places mentioned in the text onto interactive contemporary maps of Israel. Rabbi Erani also demonstrated how to use Herzog’s website resources to structure and enhance the teaching of Chumash and Navi to students of all ages.

As part of his trip, he met with Jewish Studies administrators in Yeshiva Day schools in New York, New Jersey and Toronto. At the schools, he introduced Herzog Global and learned more about the schools’ unique pedagogical needs and challenges. He fostered relationships with experienced educators that will help Herzog Global to develop enhanced collaborations on future projects. He also described remote learning opportunities for professional development courses to help Judaic Studies teachers, and outlined the funding that will soon be available for schools through the Herzog-UnitED program.

“This was a great opportunity to meet with professional educators from different schools that impart a rich Jewish education experience, and to brainstorm how we can assist them in their work. Herzog Global is creating the tools that will add an extra dimension to the Judaic Studies curriculum in schools of all types. We are working to empower Jewish educators by developing materials that highlight important Jewish values in our precious sources, which help to convey messages that are relevant to students’ everyday lives.”

Rabbi Erani plans to tour other parts of North America during 2022, and also to visit European Jewish schools. To arrange a meeting at your school, please email

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