Our Resources

Herzog Global creates innovative digital resources and professional development programs for Judaic Studies teachers in Jewish schools all over the world.

Teaching Certificate

Tanakh Teaching Certificate Program

Tanakh Teaching Certificate Program in English for Judaic Studies teachers everywhere

HaTanakh.com – the “Google” of the Bible

Rich online platform for Tanakh learning in Hebrew, English and Spanish


Webinars for Jewish Schools

Live Webinars for Judaic Studies teachers and Jewish Schools

MiDor LeDor

MiDor L’Dor Parshah Email Package

Parshah sheets to inspire inter-generational conversations with children in grades 2 – 5.

In-Service Training for Schools

Supporting Jewish Schools with teacher training courses and seminars.

Learn 929 with Herzog Global

Daily Tanakh Perek Synopsis

A synopsis of the daily Perek, following the 929 Cycle, with links to Herzog College materials.

Tanakh Timeline

Educational Resources for Judaic Studies

Educational materials for the Judaic Studies classroom, from Tanakh videos to bookmarks, maps and timeline posters.

HaTanakh.com website

Teaching Tanakh Through Technology

Digital resources for today’s Judaic Studies classroom

Yemei Iyun B’Tanakh

Herzog College's Tanakh Study Days - the Yemei Iyun B'Tanakh

Hayinu Spanish

Tanakh Learning Tools

A series of gamified Tanakh learning tools for Hebrew, Spanish, and English-speaking middle school children.