We invite you to enjoy Dr. Yael Ziegler’s recent webinar for teachers about Megillat Rut.

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Dr. Yael Ziegler will be teaching an online course in Fall 2023 on


“Teaching Shemot: The Birth of the Jewish Nation.


This course will: 

  • Help teachers explore the fundamental themes of the seminal story of slavery and the Exodus from Egypt. 
  • Offer teachers intertextual skills and help them develop a broader view of the story of the Exodus and how it fits within the Tanakh. 
  • Examine some rabbinic and medieval exegetical texts and illustrate how best to use these texts in a useful and compelling manner in the classroom. 
  • Offer teachers a deeper understanding of Ancient Egypt as a realistic and meaningful background for the Tanakh stories and themes. 
  • Consider the goals of Tanakh study and offer tools for making the study of Tanakh narratives come alive in a high school classroom.  
  • Explore various pedagogical methods and goals, with an eye toward developing practical strategies and conceptual approaches for classroom teaching. 

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Yael Ziegler on Shemot

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