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Master’s Degree in Teaching Tanakh

Master's Degree in Tanakh Teaching

Jewish Educators’ Day

Jewish Educators' Day

Herzog College

Herzog College in Israel is the world’s leading Jewish teacher training college. Established in 1920, it is recognized as a center of excellence for teacher training and pedagogical innovation. Over 3,500 students study teacher education at Herzog’s four campuses in Israel, and hundreds more participate in Herzog Global’s online teacher training courses throughout the Jewish world.

Herzog College graduates are impacting tens of thousands of school-children each year. In Israel, they are classroom teachers, department heads, school principals, and policy makers in the Ministry of Education. In Jewish schools around the world, teachers and administrators turn to Herzog Global for innovative trainings and helpful resources.

 Herzog Global Leadership

Reuven Spolter

Rabbi Dr. Yehuda Brandes

President of Herzog College

Amihai Bannett

Amihai Bannett

CEO of Herzog Global 

Limor Riskin

Limor Riskin

Educational Project Manager

Online Programs from Herzog College

Darkei Avot – Engaging Resources for Learning Pirkei Avot

Classroom posters, worksheets and videos about Pirkei Avot

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Teachers Learning

Online Courses for Tanakh Teachers

Up Your Game in the Chumash and Navi Classroom

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MA in Tanakh Teaching

Master's Degree in Teaching Tanakh

Herzog College's new M.A. in Teaching Tanakh & Parshanut

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