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“Herzog Global’s vision is to empower teachers to bring Jewish texts to life in their classrooms, by highlighting relevant messages and using the latest technology.”

Amihai Bannett

CEO of Herzog Global 

Accredited Teacher Training Courses

Herzog Global offers practical teacher training courses for Judaic Studies educators, with asynchronous recorded content and live online workshops given by leading educators. These courses are recognized for academic credit by Israel’s Council for Higher Education.

Our new Tanakh Teaching Certificate for Judaic Studies opened in October 2022. The Masters-level line-up of academic courses focuses on teaching Tanakh in the Diaspora classroom, and equipping teachers with advanced knowledge and practical skills.

We have four new courses starting in February 2023.

New Programs from Herzog Global

Tanakh Teaching Certificate Program

Tanakh Teaching Certificate Program in English for Judaic Studies teachers everywhere

Simi Peters on Using Midrash in the Classroom

Webinars for Jewish Schools

Live Webinars for Judaic Studies teachers and Jewish Schools

Teaching Certificate

Rimonim Program for Jewish Teachers

Rimonim Teacher Training Program for Jewish Educators around the World

Testimonials From Our Students

Rimonim has given me tools and knowledge to reach my dream goal: to become a Jewish Studies teacher anywhere in the world. Its faculty is knowledgeable, approachable and fun! They gave me all the support I needed and made me feel appreciated. Taking the Rimonim program was one of the best decisions I have made in my life, BH!

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Isabel Job


As an educator, the material that we learn strikes a balance between theory and practical applications to bring into all of my kodesh lessons. As a school manager, the course has given me tools to help my staff to improve their classes. Having the privilege to be guided and supported by Herzog Global’s education experts is a gift for which I am extremely grateful.

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I appreciate the teaching strategies that I have learned and the course content, which I use not only in the classroom but also to enrich my professionalism and to train others in these subjects. They not only help me with class topics, but they also enhance my identity. I appreciate the knowledge gained that will help me to support my students.

Testimonial Item

Miriam Guindi

Teacher at the Magen David School in Mexico and Rimonim 2021 graduate.

“Thank you again for the most amazing Rimonim semester trip around Israel. Besides just being an incredible trip in of itself, I have already used so much of what we learned in my teaching. I was teaching about Shlomo HaMelech's coronation at Gichon. It was only then, showing pictures to my class (which I wouldn't have if I didn't go on the trip), when I realized what a difference actually being to the place makes. Thank you so much for the opportunity!” Rabbi Yoseph Wernick, Rimonim Graduate, 2021-22

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Rabbi Yossi Wernick

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