Kitah Navi Shmuel Course 1

The Road to Kingship - Shmuel Aleph, Chapters 1-15
This Khan Academy-style course will familiarize students with Shmuel Aleph Chapters 1-15, using instructional videos to explain the Hebrew texts and customizable Google Form questionnaires to monitor student comprehension.

About the Course

In this course, students will learn the chapters of Shmuel Aleph from the birth of the prophet Shmuel through the rise of David as future king. We will learn about the process through which the tribes of Israel became a unified nation under a single king. Our studies will be centered around the main characters of our Sefer: Shmuel, Shaul and David and how their actions impacted the character of our nation.

Students will learn about the criterion guiding the inclusion of a story in Tanakh, Nevuah SheHutzrecha L’Dorot (a story with an eternal message). They will learn how to reflect on each story we learn through the lens of those words -reflecting on how the lessons imparted by these stories were both relevant to the time of Navi and their lives today.

Students will grow more comfortable reading text in the original Hebrew,  and navigating through the pesukim and chapters of Tanakh. During the course, we’ll see many different maps to learn about areas mentioned in the Navi. The text is punctuated and organized for easy comprehension.

Students will learn the following skills during this course: 

  • Text reading and comprehension
  • A comfort navigating through the pesukim and Chapters of TaNakh.
  • Identification of key shorashim and their translations
  • Quoting from the text to support themes and opinions

Students will learn the following Judaic knowledge: 

  • They will become familiar with some of the most famous stories and characters in Tanakh.
  • They will have an opportunity to discuss some of the fundamental concepts of Judaism: such as prayer, sacrifice, holiness, prophecy, the nature of miracles and the character of a Jewish king.
  • They will learn to  make the connection between modern day Israel and the stories and characters present in our Sefer.


Students will come to understand: 

  • The eternal relevance of the stories of Tanakh and how its stories and heroes have guided us throughout our history.


Sample Lesson: To view a sample lesson click here

COURSE features

Course Structure : 20 units
Audience : Middle School Grades 5 – 8
Course fee : $500