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Innovative Curriculum Materials for Judaic Studies teachers

Herzog Global works with Jewish schools of all types around the world to empower their teachers and help them meet their pedagogical needs and challenges. Our goal is to add an extra dimension to the Judaic Studies curriculum and highlight the important Jewish values found in our precious Biblical sources.

How can we make Biblical texts relevant to today’s elementary and high school students? Herzog College has pioneered the communication of Jewish values through curriculum materials based on Chumash and Navi. Our maps, timelines and worksheets highlight the contemporary relevance and timeless relevance of Biblical stories.

We provide Judaic Studies teachers and schools with innovative resources and expert training, so that they can structure and enhance the teaching of Chumash and Navi to students of all ages. We support today’s Jewish educators, by creating exciting educational materials and helping them to convey important messages that are relevant to students’ everyday lives.

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Curriculum Materials

Try our innovative curriculum materials, created by Herzog Global for your Judaic Studies classroom. – the “Google” of the Bible

Online platform for Tanakh learning in Hebrew, English and Spanish

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MiDor LeDor

MiDor L’Dor Parshah Email Package

Interactive Parshah sheets to inspire inter-generational conversations with children in grades 2 – 5.

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Tanakh Timeline

Educational Resources for Judaic Studies

Herzog College offers a range of educational materials for the Judaic Studies classroom, from Tanakh videos to bookmarks, maps and timeline posters.

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