The Midrashic Mind: Learning to Think Like Chazal

Learn to think like Chazal and to use Midrash in your classroom.   
Simi Peters teaches a methodological approach with practical tools for analyzing Midrashic stories and translating them into contemporary language for the classroom.

About the Course

This course is designed to: 

(1) Help teachers arrive at an understanding of Midrash Aggada and its place on the Jewish bookshelf 

(2) Give teachers skills necessary for analyzing the three main genres of Midrash Aggada. 

(3) Encourage the use of Midrash Aggada in the classroom by providing teachers with pedagogical tools for the teaching of Midrash. 

Throughout, the course will be based on in-depth readings of texts; we will move from text to theory. The goal is to model a discovery approach, with implications for classroom practice. At the end of each unit, we will explore the pedagogical implications of what we have learned, including techniques for teaching Midrash, with a special focus on the process of study and the use of critical thinking skills. 

This course will comprise:

  1. An optional 20 minute introductory meeting on Sunday October 23 at 8:00pm (Israel)
  2. A one-on-one Zoom meeting with Simi Peters that you will arrange at a mutually agreeable time
  3. 10 asynchronous units and 2 Zoom lessons on Sunday, October 30 and Sunday, December 11 (8:00pm Israel time)

Click here to download the course syllabus.

About the Instructor

Simi Peters is the author of “Learning to Read Midrash” and an internationally acclaimed Jewish educator and speaker. She has a Masters degree in Linguistics from the Graduate Center of CUNY, and is a graduate of the prestigious Jerusalem Fellows program. With unique expertise in Tanach, Biblical exegesis, and Midrash, she specializes in providing access to a wide variety of classic Jewish texts for audiences at all levels of Jewish literacy and experience.

Course features

Audience : High School teachers, grades 7 – 12
Course Structure : 12 asynchronous lessons, commencing Fall 5783
Language : English
Accreditation : 3 academic credits
Course fee : $75
Start Date: