Kitah Shemot Part 1

Chumash Shemot Part 1 - Chapters 1-9
This Khan Academy-style course will familiarize students with Shemot Chapters 1-9, using instructional videos to explain the Hebrew texts and customizable Google Form questionnaires to monitor student comprehension.

About the Course

Sefer Shemot is the story of the birth of the Jewish nation. The Jewish people transform from a tiny family to a huge nation, and suffer through centuries of slavery before Hashem chooses Moshe to free them from Par’oh and the Egyptians. We will learn the structure of the first half of the Sefer

The student will learn the following skills during this course:

  • How to read and translate the text of the Torah
  • How to divide up pesukim in order to better understand the chumash
  • How to recognize and decode verbs in the chumash and identify shorashim (roots)
  • Understanding selected comments of Rashi, Midrash and selected mefarshim
  • How to identify key words (milah manchah) that repeat in the text and understand their importance

The student will learn the following Judaic knowledge:

  • The early history of the Jewish people as described in the Torah
  • Why was Moshe chosen as the leader of the Bnei Yisrael? What were some of his important qualities?
  • What was the purpose of Yetziat Mitzrayim? Why did Hashem free the Jewish people?
  • The struggle between Moshe and Par’oh

Sample Lesson: To view a sample lesson click here

COURSE features

Course Structure : 20 units
Audience : Middle School Grades 5 - 8
Course fee : $500 per school