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Herzog Global is the international division of Herzog College, providing online teacher education programs, tools and resources for Judaic Studies teachers around the world.


Teacher Education Programs

Tanakh Teaching Certificate Program

Herzog Global offers a Tanakh Teaching Certificate Program for Judaic Studies teachers around the world. This exciting line-up of Masters-level academic courses focuses on equipping teachers with advanced knowledge and practical skills for teaching Tanakh. It involves online courses for self-study in your own time, with occasional Zoom workshops. Participants who earn 15 credits will receive a Tanakh Teaching Certificate from Herzog College. Judaic Studies teachers participating in the Certificate Program enjoy cost subsidies from Herzog-UnitED.

Teachers can also opt to take individual courses without committing to the Certificate Program. For details of online Tanakh courses, click here

Rimonim Program 2023

If you know a Judaic Studies teacher looking to raise their game, tell them about the Rimonim Teacher Training Program for Judaic Studies Teachers. It allows teachers to learn online on their own time, with courses created by Jewish education experts. Teachers can enhance their Judaic knowledge and improve their pedagogy skills. The highlight is an all-expenses-paid experiential learning trip to Israel, and at the end of the program they will receive a prestigious Teaching Certificate for Diaspora Educators from Israel’s Ministry of Education.

Live Webinars for Schools

Herzog Global offers Jewish schools around the world the opportunity to learn with some of Israel’s top educators and pedagogy experts. We will work with you to schedule a live webinar with the teacher of your choice to suit your school and your teaching team. Your teachers will enjoy an informative and  interactive webinars where they can ask their questions to leading experts in the field of Judaic Studies teaching.

Herzog Global brings together leading educators with extensive experience in specific subjects to teach our online professional development courses.

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