50 Teachers Enrolled in Tanakh Teacher Certificate Program

More than fifty busy teachers from around the world have accepted our challenge to join the Herzog Global Tanakh Teacher Certificate Program.

Over the next twelve weeks, these students will study asynchronously under the guidance of their instructors, as well as participate in one or two live Zoom sessions that will bring together Judaic Studies teachers from all over the world. Three topics are being studied during the Fall 2022 semester: Parshanut, Teaching Midrash, and the Contextual and Values-Based Study of Tanakh.

In addition, twenty-two Judaic Studies teachers from Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay and Spain recently enrolled in Herzog Global’s Spanish-language Rimonim program. Some of these teachers will be visiting Jerusalem during their December vacation to continue their learning at Herzog College and visit sites around Israel.

Herzog Global Director Amihai Bannett says: “There is clearly a great demand for professional development on the themes of Tanakh knowledge and pedagogy. Knowing that teachers have very little free time during the school year, we are extremely gratified that so many are setting aside time to study with Herzog College. We are proud that our students hail from across the globe; from across the United States and from Australia, South Africa and Canada, Israel, the UK, France and Belgium. They bring with them a wealth of educational experience, and we look forward to enhancing their skills and professionalism in the Chumash and Navi classroom. We wish all our teachers ‘Hatzlacha Rabbah’, in their own classrooms and in ours!”

Herzog Global is also accepting applicants for the Spring 2023 Tanakh Teacher Training Certificate courses, which will include Dr. Yael Ziegler on how to teach Sefer Shemot, Dr. Yosefa Wrubel on teaching Sefer Shoftim and the early prophets, Rabbi Dr. Eli Cohn on teaching issues of faith, morals and ethics in Tanakh, and a mandatory course on Herzog’s unique approach to Analyzing Tanakh Texts with Rav Daniel Wolf and Rabbi Dr. Shuki Reiss.

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